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Expect a Thorough Inspection

You want a great experience when you book your inspection with us.  You want great customer service, a knowledgeable and friendly inspector who cares about you, understands the importance of the investment you are about to make, and who will answer your questions cheerfully and wisely.  You also want a thorough inspection.  Check out the unedited comments of past home buyers in our "Testimonials" section!



Your Inspector, Your Ally

Russell Poe

ASHI Certified, State Licensed


For over 14 years I have been a Certified and Licensed Home Inspector, having created and owned Best 1 Home Inspection in 2010.  I am a Certified Home Inspector with The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI #252109), having also successfully passed the ASHI Standard of Practice Exam and Code of Ethics exams, as well as the State License exam and all memberships and licenses are current.  My State License # is HI-1038 and I am insured.


I trained in Atlanta, GA in 2005, completing successfully Home Inspector Training with ITA, Inspection Training Associates (Kaplan Professional Schools).


There is a saying that "If you do what you love for a living, you never work another day in your life".  I consider myself very blessed that I can actually wake up and look forward to going to work!  I love my home inspection career more than anything I've ever done for a living, and I plan on inspecting homes until they take my flashlight away.  


Home Inspection requires taking on a lot of responsibility - I know that you as a buyer have entrusted me to find out how what problems need correcting in the home you want to buy.  In buying a home, most folks are making the largest purchase they will ever make in their lives!  You deserve to know about any problems AND to have them explained to you in terms that you understand until you're comfortable with the decision you're making on buying that home.  After the inspection we will sit down and view pictures of the issues found, discussing them thoroughly and for as long as you need, to feel comfortable with the information given. 


ALSO, PLEASE CONSIDER THIS:  If I find just ONE small to moderate item that needs repair and the homeowner agrees to correct it, your home inspection in essence has paid for itself!  For example, if I find a leak, a bad water heater, or a similar problem, the inspection fee may have paid for itself two, three or even TEN times over!  Out of all the homes I've inspected only ONE did not fall into this catagory.  Let me also encourage you not to allow your inspection to be performed by the home inspector that quotes you the lowest price - there is another saying I believe applies here especially - "You often get what you pay for."


Please weigh this information in your mind, then pick up the phone and give us a call right now - I look forward to talking to you, and performing your home inspection!!


Phone: +1 205 9135587


E-mail: russell@best1homeinspection.com


"Behind Every Good Man..."

Let me introduce "The Good Woman"!!  This is my wife, Sue, by my side now and for the last 35 years.  She is also my business partner, of course........but she is SO much more.


I love my wife very, very much.  I have never had a more wise and faithful friend or someone who has been able to live with my flaws with such love and devotion.  She allows me to have the fun of performing the inspections, while she cheerfully and so capably handles the business end of, well, the business.  I never worry because I know my business partner is with me always, in the truest sense of the word, and I get the enjoyment of coming home to my very best friend, every day. 


If you want to know more about Sue, simply read Proverbs 31:10-31, "The Virtuous Woman".  She's all that!





Best 1 Home Inspection

State License # HI-1038

ASHI Certfied Home Inspector #252109


Phone: +1 (205) 913-5587


E-mail: Russell@best1homeinspection.com


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